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What in the World is Wrong with Lee Kromschroeder?

I’ve been asking around and doing some detective work to get to the bottom of this issue recently. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Kromschroeder, let’s cover some of the basics about him…

Starting with a Google search, you’ll find that Lee is a wildlife artist, and a very talented one at that.  His website has quite a few of his artworks displayed in categories with links to specific animals, portraits and landscapes.

You’ll find that Lee has painted a large variety of animal subjects – certainly something for everyone’s taste in this highly specialized genre.  His artworks are published by Wild Wings, the prestigious publisher/producer/distributor of wildlife, sporting and nostalgic/Americana art prints and related products.   His art is not limited to wildlife however.  He’s accomplished at landscapes, portraiture and more.

Lee has won numerous awards for his art, and has been named Artist of the Year by many art shows over the past 25 years.   He’s regularly chosen as a Featured Artist for many of the finest wildlife and nature art shows all over the U.S.  Over forty of his original paintings have been selected and published in limited edition prints, and his originals are prized in both public and private collections throughout the world.

From a personal perspective, I double-dog-dare you to find anything wrong or “squishy” in any of his paintings. Just have a look at his artworks and you’ll find detail in every square inch that’s amazing.  Lee’s works are composed beautifully, but they don’t look contrived.  That’s an art in itself.

In fact, Lee’s art is so good, it goes beyond technical perfection. How is that possible?  Honestly, I don’t know.  What I can tell you for sure, is that he’s able to capture a sparkling moment in time or stop action at the precise nano-second that is perfect for conveying the essence of the animal or the action.  It transports you to that moment in such a way that you feel you are really there.  That’s pure MAGIC.

Imagine walking in the woods and coming face to face with a Lynx on the opposite bank of a stream under the cover of copper leaves in the fall.  Lee’s painting titled “First Fall” – Lynx is a masterpiece of capturing the essence of the elusive cat and showing how perfectly they are marked to blend in with the environment.

First Fall - Lynx

“First Fall”  – Lynx

Original 23″ x 18″ – Lithographs available for purchase on www.LeeKromschroeder.com

Coming across a lynx like this is special and very rare.  I call moments like this “hatch moments”, or HM’s for short.  An HM refers to that super-special moment when a baby bird pops out of its egg.  Unborn chicks work for 24-72 hours pipping the inside of the shell, and then in one big push, they are out. It’s just a magical moment in time.   I raised exotic birds for 35+ years and I never tire of watching a chick hatch.  The “HM” term can be applied to any fleeting moment that’s special or magical – not just a chick hatching.

 Lee is a master at putting the viewer in that special place to witness the “HM” in his artworks. You’ll feel the rush and emotional thrill of being there.  One of my favorite HM Kromschroeder pieces is from his Alaska trip many years ago.  Lee painted Orcas…Killer whales in the ocean and the work is more incredible as you look at the detail. Take a quick trip to the Northwest to see what I mean—go here:


Starting with the menu on the left, choose:

  • In Print (button)
  • Wildlife (square icon)
  • Marine (square icon)
  • Scroll through images using the arrows at the top of the image to find the print titled:  “Shore Patrol – Wyah Point” (British Columbia)

Lee picked an unusual angle for his painting-and it’s one that makes you feel you are in the water with the whales.  He chose the moment where the Orcas are coming to the surface and distorting the water.  The water pushed up around the whales creating a magic window where you can see the lead Orca and it’s looking right at you.  Check out the foam and the bubbles. They are both salty and delicate.  You can smell the ocean, feel the cool air, and hear the water crashing over the rocks. This is a powerful painting and you can feel the life force of the whales.  If you’ve ever been on a whale watch boat, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Over the course of my investigation of Lee Kromschroeder, I spoke to a number of other people who know him.   Below are comments from two exceptionally fine artists who have known Lee and worked with him over the years.  Everyone I talked to pretty much had the same thing to say…

“Lee is a great guy with a great sense of humor, easygoing, and a true gentleman. He is full of information, really great stories about the places he has been, and so energetic, he will wear you out! Even though I have never taken a class with him, I know from personal experience, along with taking trips with him, that there will be no time for getting bored in his class, as he never stops imparting information, in a good way!  He is a really fun guy to be around, but get a good night’s sleep so you can keep up with him!”  Leslie Kirchner

“Lee helped me so much when I first started shows. He gave me advice on everything…how to set up booths, framing, hanging, pricing, lighting, & made my transition into showing work so much easier. He did this all with great humor and caring.”  Linda Walker

Hmmm, no reputation ruining comments here!

I didn’t even bother calling Wild Wings. Those big print houses only take on the best of the best, and they only work with highly skilled and talented artists who are ultra-professional.  They would have had only more good things to say about Lee.

I then called Mrs. K. – Lee’s wife, to get her views on what’s wrong with Lee.  She told me they’ve been married for 20-something years and have two children they are very proud of, and a one grandchild.

In talking to Mrs. K. it was obvious to me that she and Lee have a great relationship.  But, Mrs. K. finally did share that Lee does have some flaws.   One of her biggest pet peeves is that Lee never knows what day it is, or what time it is.  He’s so passionate about his work, he’s just not that interested in time management.


While this behavior might be frustrating to Lee’s wife and family, it isn’t the least bit scandalous.

So the question still remains…What the heck is wrong with Lee Kromschroeder?

As I see it… not much.

Given that I couldn’t uncover any dirt, and all the people I talked to – family, colleagues, etc., had nothing but good things to say about Lee, I can only conclude that there’s just one negative aspect about Lee Kromschroeder worth mentioning…and it’s pretty big too.

The biggest thing wrong with Lee is that he’s NOT accessible.

You can’t just ring him up and hang out.  You can’t spend time picking his brain about painting techniques or critiques.  He’s just too busy painting, getting ready for shows, doing shows and traveling all over the place.  He’s in high demand all over the country for special art events and exhibitions too. What little free time he does have is coveted, cherished and spent with his family.

The really good news is that I’ve managed to convince Lee to set aside time from his incredibly busy schedule to be the instructor on the Paint Excursions, Inc. trip to Australia in May of 2015 ! This is a unique and exclusive opportunity for you to meet Lee, get to know him personally and paint with him on the art-vacation trip of a lifetime.  This kind of an opportunity doesn’t come around very often, and when it does, you need to jump on it.  If you know right now that you’re in, write to me and get on the interest list today.  This trip is going to fill up fast, and you won’t want to miss out.

Only twelve lucky people will enjoy being part of an elite group of artists to travel and paint with a world-class artist for nearly two weeks.  We’ll be painting on location with Lee Kromschroeder in one of the most incredible and exotic places on earth – Australia.  You won’t feel like “one of the herd” on this trip as the group is limited to just twelve people.  You’ll get personal one-on-one access, instruction and constructive feedback on your work every day we paint.

A small, intimate group like this means that everyone gets maximum time and the highest quality instruction and feedback.  We’ll be doing plein air painting in unusual and unique locations on our trip. Lee will be there to help you personally with techniques, composition, and sharing tips and tricks that made him a world-class artist.   You’ll be amazed at how your skills will improve and your art will naturally evolve to the next level.  AND…you’ll be loving every minute of this trip because you’ll be traveling and painting in the most exciting and beautiful locations on the planet!

Australia is on nearly everyone’s bucket list—and for good reason.  But, you’re going to have to act quickly because there are only twelve spots available on this trip.

Write to me today to get your name on the interest list.  You’ll want to stay tuned for more information on the trip, and the best way to do that is to join the blog.  Please take the time to sign up for my blog so you get the breaking news and announcements first. I’ll be posting more on the trip with all the details in the coming weeks.

Australia isn’t just a desert and kangaroos. Come with us to explore and paint everything from the Daintree—Earth’s “mother rainforest” to the coast of the tropical North and the Great Barrier Reef.  This trip is one of the biggest “two-fer’s” ever:

1. You’ll be enjoying life in the midst of beautiful Australia and…

2. You’ll be painting with world-class artist Lee Kromschroeder

This is the ultimate surf and turf adventure!  What are you waiting for?  Contact me directly to get on the list.


  1. I met Lee at the annual San Bernardino Wildlife Art Show in the late 1990’s and he was great to talk to and was very inspiring to my Art Journey. That trip sounds amazing, wish I could go.

    • Lyrae Perry says:

      Yes!! That was a lovely show and sadly, it’s not running anymore. It was concurrent with the top 100 of the annual Federal Duck Stamp contest too. I understand the San Bernardino Museum doesn’t have that show anymore either. I know you’d love the trip. It IS an amazing place to see. As big as the US and as diverse, but very different too. On one hand you’re struck by the differences from the USA, and on the other hand, you’ll feel right at home because of all the trees. So many of the trees in California are from Australia. What other places would you like to visit John? I do all kinds of paint excursions and I know Lee Kromshroeder would tag along in CA…..
      I hope you’ll join the blog list so we can stay in touch. Thank you! Lyrae

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