"Being an artist isn’t just a “right brain” activity---you must use ALL of your brain, body and spirit to create. When the creation is done, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts… and so is the creator." - Lyrae Perry

New Artwork

I have new artwork to share this week!  I’ve been painting just about every free minute and completing lots of paintings for upcoming shows this fall.  Every time I finish a new artwork, it feels like a milestone.  It’s one thing when people tell you that your work is nice, (and we all love that!) But,  it’s another thing when YOU feel excited about what you’ve got going on in the painting.

I attended a two-day workshop this summer sponsored by the Waterloo Watercolor Society, and  taught by Alexis Lavine.  She is an amazing artist and a great teacher.  I learned a bunch of new tips and techniques and gained more confidence in throwing lots of color on the paper.  The first painting I attempted on my own using her formula and paint colors is of a male Plumheaded parakeet (Psittacula cyanocephala).  I’m pretty excited about this new artwork–thank you Alexis!!


Psittacula cyanocephala – Common Name: Plumheaded parakeet










I just kept layering color on color in the background and took my time putting in the delicate color and details on the bird.  You can read more about this painting on my art website, Nature and Wildlife Art by Lyrae – Home Page:   http://lyraeperry.weebly.com/

Bird Art page: http://lyraeperry.weebly.com/birds.html

You’ll also find a new artwork of a smiling baby macaw, and if you click on the menu item “Maleficent’s Garden”, you can see the new artwork in that series—a bromeliad with an interesting op-art design.

Maleficent’s Garden page:  http://lyraeperry.weebly.com/maleficents-garden.html


Summer’s not quite over yet, and there’s more to come!

Here’s Alexis Lavine’s website for you to see too.  I particularly like her work titled “Sisters” – Indian women in a rainbow of sari’s with bangle bracelets,  and the Red Hat Ladies series.   Enjoy!!!


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