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Metric conversion made easy, well sort of…

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Americans are pretty bad at converting measurements to the metric system, and I must admit that about the only measurements I have “set” in my brain is the centimeter, the CC and two liters.  I bet you’ve got that last one too, right? Thank you Pepsi, Coke, and 7-Up.  LOL    I also know that zero degrees Celsius is equal to 32 degrees Fahrenheit…but that’s about it.  Sad….but if you don’t use it….well, you know.

Somewhere in my brain behind all the cobwebs and dust, there’s an equation to figure out this stuff–but without a calculator, I’m lost.  Never mind that I handle millions of dollars of transactions every day and have done so very successfully over my entire working career.  But, I get to use a calculator.  Hello…my name is Lyrae and I’m totally dependent upon my calculator…I’m an addict.

While I’m waiting for the day when I can get a chip implanted in my brain to handle the calc’s as well as my extremely brainy cousin can with his photographic memory,  I have to depend on conversion tables.

The rest of the world uses the metric system and nearly all baggage weights, temperature and distance numbers are not going to make much sense unless you have at least some idea of conversion equivalents.   Below are some cool sites and I encourage you to play with a conversion table a bit before we go on any trips, and the knowledge — even if not perfect —  will be very handy when we get there.

Metric conversions will definitely be used for figuring out baggage weights on airlines and deciding what to pack ahead of time. Weight and size limits in other countries and specific destinations are going to be different than in the US–some allow more and some less, and you’ve got to be able to plan ahead.

Here are some handy metric conversion tool links:


Here’s a link where you can download a tool to put on your desk top:


Here’s an App finder list with many options for iPhones and iPads:


Here’s the App finder list for Android devices:



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