"Being an artist isn’t just a “right brain” activity---you must use ALL of your brain, body and spirit to create. When the creation is done, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts… and so is the creator." - Lyrae Perry

ART in my heART

My heART is in my art!  Even though I’m primarily a nature and wildlife artist, I have a passion for all types of art.  And, like most artists I know, I didn’t stick with just one form.  I spent most of my childhood thinking I wasn’t good enough to paint as well as my mom ( you can read more about that in another of my blog posts if you care to) and I was reluctant to even try.  Instead, I concentrated on  all sorts of sculpture and craft projects.  I was having fun too.  I learned techniques for handling many different types of materials and through that process I learned to appreciate highly diverse art styles and expression. In 1976, I gave into the drive to paint in oils and let go of most of the craft and mixed media work.  I am now coming full circle and incorporating more mixed media into my new artworks these days.  I’m a lot more courageous these days and this is what I should have been doing my whole life, because this is always where my heart has been.  It’s even more fun because there are so many good art supply stores online with new products all the time. I get a kick out of experimenting.  Yes…some things don’t turn out as expected, but that just pushes me to find work-arounds.

I have an open heart and mind when it comes to looking at anyone else’s art because it means they are putting a piece of themselves on display for the world to see.  Creating art is a very personal experience and it requires a lot of courage to share what you’ve done with others.  I look for the meaning the artist is trying to convey with color and design.   I look at their composition and technique.   I may not want to buy that piece or maybe I don’t care for the subject matter,  but I can always find something really good in their work.  If I have the opportunity to meet the artist, I let them know what I liked about the work in particular instead of just saying “it’s nice” and moving on.  Most often when you approach an artist with a specific question or comment,  you’ll get the artist talking and they’ll tell you the story behind the work and what it means to them.  More often than not, I’m  amazed as I listen and understand how differently we process information and express things artistically.

From a marketing standpoint, every artist needs to cultivate the art of telling the story to SELL their work, remembering that the interested viewer is  hungry to hear what you have to say.  If your heart is in  your art, share your story!

My heART expression is growing and changing constantly.  And….I’m having a blast!  I upload my newest artwork  images frequently to the art website, so please come back to see what’s new.
I’ve been experimenting with fantasy subjects and more abstract-style pieces.


I’ve been moved to incorporate mixed media into my art in the past couple of years.   Last month, two of these mixed media artworks went on display at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport thanks to  the Capitol Art Society here in Austin, Texas.  Both of the pieces are from a new series, Cosmic Roads of the South West.

If you’re passing through the Austin airport, look for the art display cases to see these original artworks;


Spirit-Way Stone


(I liked this image so much, I decided to use it as my business logo for Paint Excursions, Inc.!)


Smoke and Fire – The Three Hearth Stones


If you’re not visiting the  Austin airport anytime before August, you can see images of these art pieces on my website:


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PS – Here’s the main website link for Nature & Wildlife Art by Lyrae Perry:  Http://www.lyraeperry.weebly.com

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