"Being an artist isn’t just a “right brain” activity---you must use ALL of your brain, body and spirit to create. When the creation is done, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts… and so is the creator." - Lyrae Perry

Find Your Style And Stick With It!

Blue Fire & Ice - Running on Epi Series

I just read a really great article titled Find Your Style and Stick With It! Sigh... by Carolyn Henderson at Fine Art Views. She brings up some very good … [Read more...]

Matting Prints the Easy Way


Instruction on matting prints the down and dirty easy way! I've included pictures showing you what each step looks like along with detailed instructions on … [Read more...]

Working From Photos 1: Red-fronted Macaw


I’ve taken several photo-realism painting classes and they were a lot of fun. Your painting can only be as good as the photo you work from. So….you have to … [Read more...]

Pushing the Boundaries of Realism


Right up front let me say that I consider myself to be a hard-core wildlife artist…and like nearly all wildlife artists, stylistically, I’m a realist.  But … [Read more...]

Symmetry vs. Asymmetry


Symmetry vs.  asymmetry - I was going to define those terms---but after reading the definitions I just said to h**l with it!  Too complicated !  … [Read more...]